clockJuniors and seniors have many items on their end of the year check list, but knowing which colleges they are going to be applying for is one of the most important. Students should first make a college list with the help of this College Board article 5 Steps to Creating a College List. The Princeton Review’s article on How to Find your Best Fit College can also assist in the process of selecting a college with helpful tips on financial aid and school environment.

Once you have created the college list, a great way to narrow down the list is by going on college tours. Universities and colleges have student led tours of the campus to show off the greatest aspects of the school. You can get a better feel for the college, experience the community life, and ask burning questions that you have. As you go through the tours, using the Campus Visit Checklist will help you make the most of your trip and decide if the colleges you have picked are right for you.

Below are some popular Florida schools that have college tours. (Most colleges and universities offer tours, if the ones below are not the ones you seem interested in, look up times and dates for tours of colleges that you wish to see). footprints

o   University of Florida Tour

o   University of South Florida Tour

o   Florida State University Tour

o   University of Central Florida Tour

o   Saint Leo University Tour

o   FAMU Tour

o   Florida Atlantic University Tour

o   Florida Gulf Coast University Tour