It is filled with the unknown. It requires your constant attention. It will eat your pockets. You may only find out what is inside a few times a semester.

Cr. KimHeimButch0 from Pixabay

Cr. KimHeimButch0 from Pixabay

No, we aren’t describing a Harry Potter creature, but, instead, college textbooks. Sometimes students are so busy looking at tuition fees that they forget the other expenses—mainly, textbooks which can cost on average $1,200 per year according to College Board.


Often times, you may not even use the textbook more than a few times a semester because the class is primarily lecture based, or, perhaps the professor would rather use their own references. It is extremely important to have the required text for your classes so you can stay on task and understand concepts better, but, the prices really make handing over your money cringe-worthy. Thankfully there are so many resources you can take advantage of to lower the costs such as renting textbooks versus purchasing them, buying e-books, and buying used books.

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