It’s almost summer! Summer means no school, no bedtimes, and no more getting up early.

Summer can last forever for some, but go by so fast for others. The important thing is making the most out of your break—some might watch Netflix from morning to night to watch Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Empire, and Storage Wars for the third time over while others might head to the beach like this little guy! It’s great to relax and watch Netflix all day, but, going outside, getting some vitamin D, and having fun is very important to your mind, body, and soul.

Studies show that screens such as those of your computer or phone, when used in excess, limit or hinder your emotional intelligence which is the ability to manage and identify your own and other’s emotions.

When you are watching Netflix, playing video games, and spending all of your time indoors, you start to eat out of boredom and snack a lot. This can cause changes in weight and cause even more serious health problems if said food is very acidic, sugary, or heavy in cholesterol. These foods are hard to burn off too, so when you are only laying in your bed or sitting on the couch after or during eating them, not much is getting burned off so it starts to accumulate and slowly be digested and dispersed to your body.

When you’re healthy and getting outside, there are so many things you can do. You can go to the beach, go zip lining, hike, and more. Especially in Florida where we have a huge option of things to do outdoors, there is no need to be indoors all summer.

Check out Visit Tampa Bay’s site to find out more of the things you can do in Tampa Bay as well as the areas surrounding it.

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Not only should be physically active, but being mentally active is also important. Reading over the break, joining a book club, joining courses, and volunteering or interning can help retain the knowledge and skills gained throughout school the months before.


Here are some apps to keep you physically stimulated and mentally stimulated:

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