Throughout high school students are told to focus on their studies and make sure their GPA is at its fullest potential. However, one factor that colleges look at besides getting good grades in classes is extracurricular activities. In this bigfuture article Extracurriculars Matter —to you and to Colleges by the College Board, Jeff Brenzel, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions of Yale University explains the importance of extracurriculars for students who are planning to enroll in higher education. Brenzel explains that what students do in their free time tells a lot about personality that grades and test scores can’t. The accomplishments put on applications shows the passion one may have that potential college’s find valuable in prospective students.

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To participate in extracurriculars throughout the year volunteer opportunities in the Tampa Bay area can be found on the Hillsborough County Public School website. Activities range from taking care of animals in a shelter to cleaning up the community. If not volunteering, join a sports team at your school or student government. Being a part of extracurricular activities whether it be volunteering or a hobby shows colleges who you are outside of the classroom.

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